Moody Cats

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Trying to get my blog to format in an old-school way is proving trickier than I thought it would! Modern blogs are just designed differently due to the nature of their authors and readers, so I’m having to find a lot of ways to work around the standard formatting of WordPress themes and posts in order to get the job done. I spent the better part of today trying to get the option to add a current mood to my posts. First, I found a mood plugin. Then, I blatantly copied mood icons from LiveJournal (My old journal there was the inspiration for wanting mood icons!) and uploaded them here, painstakingly matching them up to moods within the settings of my new plugin. Well, the plugin is older, as it seems no one is interested in sharing their moods on blog posts these days, so then the option to add a mood was not showing up in the post editor no matter what I tried.

Finally, a simple Google search revealed that plugins exist to allow WordPress users to use the old, classic editor rather than the new, visual one. I figured, worth a shot. The mood plugin is from a timeframe when the old editor was used. Installed the editor plugin and…voila! Adorable little, gray kitten mood icons achieved! I’m so proud of myself right now, after years of not working with graphics and coding and web design issues. I used to be a pro at integrating whatever I wanted into existing blogging software and designs. It feels good to be me again. Now…if I could just get comment links to show up on the main page of recent entries, that would be an achievement, apparently. Ugh. Also, I should probably either design my own mood icons or find freeware ones that I’m not stealing like a digital cat burglar. I just wanted the nostalgia of these little guys! At least for a little while. They’re ridiculously adorable, right?

New Look, Old Vibes

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I’ve given the blog a bit of an update today. I used an image from an original Sailor Moon artbook drawn by the manga artist Naoko Takeuchi, graciously shared with the fandom via Lately, I’ve been feeling a lot of nostalgia for the era of the internet that I came of age in. The one that allowed me to learn HTML while crafting my own Sailor Moon fansites and blog all of my thoughts, from the most painful and deepest to the most shallow and superficial, in a digital world where everyone just seemed a lot more supportive; a community, at a time when I felt without one in my offline life. Back before blogs became businesses packaged in perfectly presented PR campaigns and design branding. That was never me, and for a while, I felt resigned to my fate to never blog again beyond what might fit that mold. So my posts grew sporadic and strained, with a forced polished smile in the tone and soft edges around the opinions presented.

Recently, I have felt pulled to enjoy more of the things I’ve loved in the past, those I had given up or those I had let fade into the background a bit in order to appear more grown up in a world that constantly told me that my autistic tendencies and special interests were wrong and childish. As I’ve grown more comfortable with who I am, I have given myself permission to be fully me, regardless of the societal connotations. Since when did caring about that do me much good, anyway? If I’m going to be a social pariah, I might as well surround myself with all of the things that bring me joy.

So here I am, ready to get back into blogging the old-fashioned way. As a journal of my thoughts and experiences. Sometimes there may be useful posts about our homeschool choices or autism acceptance. Others, it may be boring, rambling lists of things I accomplished with my day or ideas I’ve had – maybe even infodumps on my passions and favorite entertainment. Writing anything and everything down in this format was an integral part of my identity for many years, and I am not ashamed of anything I have to say.

I know some people won’t understand it or have any interest in following me on this new journey on an old path, but I hope that whatever you find here on this blog helps you in one way or another. That is the biggest reason I chronically over-share; because sometimes, that one snippet of my life could be making the difference in someone else’s, making them feel less alone in their struggles. Maybe they learn something or find a kindred spirit. Maybe they consider another point of view. Whatever the case may be, this is my new trajectory for this blog, and that being so, you can expect a lot more frequent posting about whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. This is my little corner of the world wide web, and I intend to use it.