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I’m Erika, an East Tennessee native and Marine wife currently living in Okinawa, Japan, on our latest duty assignment. I have Asperger’s and am very passionate about neurodiversity. After years of living undiagnosed, I have embraced my newfound identity over the past few years and developed confidence coming into my 30’s. I share my struggles with not just being on the spectrum but also the often accompanying anxiety and depression I have dealt with on and off throughout my life in the hopes I can be a light in the dark for others who have similar circumstances and feel alone.

I have many other varied interests and have dabbled in web design, graphic design, traditional art, and creative writing, to name a few. I’m an advocate for early literacy and teaching a lifelong love of reading and learning. Shakespeare is my jam, and I’m a low-key gamer/nerd on the rare occasion I have the time to invest. Supernatural is my favorite television show in this history of ever. I’m a little socially awkward (understatement x 2) and not everyone loves my honesty-is-the-best-policy-even-if-someone-doesn’t-like-to-hear-it approach. I also have an irrational fear phobia of sharks.

I am in love with East Asian cultures and languages, especially that of Japan, and have been since forming a fascination in middle school. In fact, this is our second tour in Japan because we keep requesting to live here at every opportunity! I share our travel adventures here on this blog alongside our family’s experiences with life on the Autism Spectrum as well as keeping a gluten free home due to Celiac Disease. We have three children: Anya who is both on the spectrum and Celiac, Marie who is Celiac, and Benjamin who we suspect is both, as well. We made the decision to homeschool before our eldest began kindergarten, and I love sharing that part of our lives here for those who may be interested or looking for comradery.

I’ve been blogging since long before it was the cool thing on the scene. Most of my archives here are private now because… Well, you can imagine why if I’ve been blogging since middle school. I’m a pretty open book, but nobody wants the things they said at 15 published without a second look. Just sayin’. Now I blog mostly about our homeschooling journey and navigating family life with all the idiosyncrasies of our particular brood.

Enjoy! 😉

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