I’m Erika. I am a Tennessee native and Marine wife currently living in Alabama where my husband Ryan is a recruiter for the next few years as our latest duty assignment. We met in high school and were friends for several years before we began dating. We were married in 2008, and he enlisted that same year. We’ve previously been stationed in North Carolina and mainland Japan. We’re both old souls, and our marriage of almost 10 years is built on the foundation of Christ and our relationship as best friends and partners in this thing called life no matter what is thrown at us.

I stay at home with our two daughters Anya (age 7) and Marie (age 2) and our son Benjamin (age 1). We made the decision to homeschool pretty early on for a myriad of reasons so here we are with our eldest in 2nd grade. She was diagnosed with Asperger’s at age 5 after two years of my concerns being ignored by medical professionals, and as a result of behavioral therapy my own Asperger’s diagnosis came to fruition after a lifetime of misunderstandings and social struggle that led to intense episodes of anxiety and depression. Both girls were diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease when the younger was initially tested based on symptoms right after she turned two. As it is a genetic disorder, the entire family was tested leading to the diagnosis for our older daughter the same year at age 6.

I have an Associate’s in Web Technologies that through the course of obtaining helped me figure out programming languages aren’t really my thing beyond what I have to know for personal projects. I have dabbled in web design, graphic design, art, and creative writing. Now I’m in the pursuit of my dual Bachelor’s degree in English and East Asian Studies. I am in love with East Asian cultures and languages, especially that of Japan, and have been since forming a fascination in middle school. (It is here that my psychologist would say, “And there is that Asperger’s trait!”)

I’m a bit of a perfectionist (understatement) and organizing stuff makes me super happy. Although I’ve become more motivated to cook and eat organic and closer to the source, especially with the need to have a gluten free home for my girls, diet soda is my one vice on the occasion I go out. I’m a little socially awkward (understatement x 2) and not everyone loves my honesty-is-the-best-policy-even-if-someone-doesn’t-like-to-hear-it approach. I also have an irrational fear phobia of sharks.

I’ve been blogging since long before it was the cool thing on the scene. Most of my archives here are private now because… Well, you can imagine why if I’ve been blogging since middle school. I go through from time to time and republish photos and entries that I deem worthy of the public eye. I’m a pretty open book, but nobody wants the things they said at 15 published without a second look. Just sayin’. Now I blog about boring things like our homeschooling journey and navigating family life with all the idiosyncrasies of our particular brood.

Enjoy! ; )