Our Cat Adoption Saga: Part 2

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Last week, we began a trial period with a sweet, 4 year-old kitty name Thea. She took a few days to get comfortable leaving our bedroom and interacting with us and Anya, but she never really enjoyed getting attention from the younger two children. It was very obvious that she was anxious all day long while they were awake and would become a different cat at night once they were asleep. We enjoyed having her, but we knew it wouldn’t be right to keep her in a house that would cause her distress each and every day until the kids got older. She has now been returned to her former foster home, where she was very happy and had other animals for company that she really seemed to miss while with us. We were still a bit sad to see her go, but we all knew it was just a trial that might not work out. Thea barely interacted with the kids at all, so there hasn’t really been much of a difference in our days since her departure aside from the nighttime cuddles she was prone to demanding from me. It was still nice to have a little furball around after almost a decade of no pet of my own.

We are scheduled to meet with a couple of kittens next week to see if that goes better with the kids. We definitely want our new family member to be comfortable with everyone in the house and be able to be themselves all day long. We are still excited to continue this process and find the right pet to add to our home. I’m a bit nervous about going the kitten route, which is why we opted for an adult cat for our first trial, but the rescue has suggested that raising a kitten with the kids will probably work out better as far as them not being scared of little ones. I don’t know much about cats, honestly, so I’m relying on their knowledge and advice. I think a kitten will be fun but also require commitment and care a step above what I was anticipating with a grown cat. Even so, I’m eager to have a cat back in the house now that Thea is absent. It didn’t take long to get used to having her around! I didn’t think I’d be a cat person, but they have definitely grown on me through this experience, and I can’t wait to adopt the perfect kitty for us who we can make memories with for years to come.

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