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Trying to get my blog to format in an old-school way is proving trickier than I thought it would! Modern blogs are just designed differently due to the nature of their authors and readers, so I’m having to find a lot of ways to work around the standard formatting of WordPress themes and posts in order to get the job done. I spent the better part of today trying to get the option to add a current mood to my posts. First, I found a mood plugin. Then, I blatantly copied mood icons from LiveJournal (My old journal there was the inspiration for wanting mood icons!) and uploaded them here, painstakingly matching them up to moods within the settings of my new plugin. Well, the plugin is older, as it seems no one is interested in sharing their moods on blog posts these days, so then the option to add a mood was not showing up in the post editor no matter what I tried.

Finally, a simple Google search revealed that plugins exist to allow WordPress users to use the old, classic editor rather than the new, visual one. I figured, worth a shot. The mood plugin is from a timeframe when the old editor was used. Installed the editor plugin and…voila! Adorable little, gray kitten mood icons achieved! I’m so proud of myself right now, after years of not working with graphics and coding and web design issues. I used to be a pro at integrating whatever I wanted into existing blogging software and designs. It feels good to be me again. Now…if I could just get comment links to show up on the main page of recent entries, that would be an achievement, apparently. Ugh. Also, I should probably either design my own mood icons or find freeware ones that I’m not stealing like a digital cat burglar. I just wanted the nostalgia of these little guys! At least for a little while. They’re ridiculously adorable, right?

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