Anya’s 9th Birthday Letter

Happy 9th Birthday, Anya!

I can’t believe it’s your last year in the single digits. You have such big dreams, and it never occurs to you – not even once – they may not come true. You happily spend hours of your Saturday every week at the dance studio, and you practice piano diligently, never trying to get out of it or cut down the number of times you play each song. You live for music, dance, and every art form you can get your hands on.

You are so much like me at your age in that way. Your love for all things princess, magic, and sparkle has been lifelong. You are a diva through and through, in the best possible way. You love anything Barbie and can never have enough pink or glitter. You don’t let what other girls your age like or dislike define what you surround yourself with, and you love your brother and sister fiercely, never embarrassed to play with them or enjoy the things they love with them.

You excel in your homeschool work and read through novels like it’s nothing. You have come so far with your fears and struggles the last couple of years, and I am so proud of you for talking yourself through trying new things and foods, determined not to let Asperger’s hold you back from those things which anxiety can make difficult. You will use the gifts being on the spectrum has given you and continue to overcome the obstacles in order to be the best possible version of yourself, of that I have no doubt. You may have to work harder than the neurotypical girls to get your muscles and movements to cooperate, but I know you will never stop fighting to be the professional ballerina you dream of becoming.

Our home will forever be filled with Nutcracker music, and the look of joy on your face when you are on stage doing what you love will always be one of my favorite things. I am so proud of you, each and every day. Even when it’s hard. Even when we argue because we are too much alike. Even when we disagree because of the ways we are different. You are the little girl who made me a mother, and I love watching you grow into a smart, beautiful, creative, dedicated, and nurturing young woman as the bittersweet years race by. Hope you feel like a princess today. We love you! 💕

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