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The Death of the Nap

Well, you guys. Marie’s naps have gone the way of the dodo bird. She was still taking a three or four hour nap every afternoon, but since the move to the toddler bed I was more aware of the fact that she wasn’t falling asleep until almost midnight every night and then getting up a good hour earlier than I had thought when she was contained in the crib. I discovered this because I went in one morning to find her standing in the middle drawer of her dresser. Yes, you read that right. Standing. In the middle drawer. Of the girls’ dresser. The bottom drawer had been pulled out and used in conjunction with the middle drawer as a step ladder. The bottom drawer hadn’t always pulled out just right to begin with so when Marie put her weight in it, the drawer track bent, popping out a screw holding it in place and effectively breaking the bottom drawer until I can find the time and motivation to attempt bending the track back into place to reattach it. It was laying on the floor at a strange angle while still partially in the drawer recess. Never in my life have I been so glad to have nagged Ryan to death about something than I was that I insisted on bracketing that dresser to the wall the night we switched her to the toddler bed a couple of weeks ago.

Why did we switch her to the toddler bed when she is such a little ball of chaos, do you ask? Because she used her upper body strength to balance on her crib rail with her hands and abdomen like a gymnast which one afternoon after nap time resulted in a literal flip out of the crib and carpet burn on her forehead. Needless to say the toddler bed change happened by bed time that night. And since then we have been dealing with a steady stream of a not sleeping Marie – usually in the mornings but more recently at night when she can’t fall asleep right away – emptying out every baby wipe, hair bow/elastic, and entire bottles of eczema lotion (!!) all over the floor, beds, and Anya’s hair (!!!) while she was sleeping (!!!!!!). Ryan and I laughed about it the first time we caught her in the act of putting the lotion in Anya’s hair while she was sound asleep because we never believed Anya in the mornings when we’d come in to the mess and she’d say, “But I was asleep the WHOLE time!” She wasn’t kidding. And it was kind of hilarious. Because sisters.

Anywho, I made the hypothesis that Marie was having trouble falling asleep at night because of her long afternoon siestas. But no way was I going to wake her up early from a nap because anyone with a toddler knows that kind of grouchy is worse than not having napped at all grouchy. So for the past couple of days we have skipped nap time. She’s a little touchy by dinner time, but during the day I haven’t noticed much difference. I was right because she passes out immediately at bed time now and sleeps like a rock. She’s also excited to not miss out on playing and has been sitting on my lap for our read aloud books during Anya’s homeschool time in the afternoon while playing fine independently during the rest of our lessons. A few months ago I would have freaked out about giving up the dedicated homeschooling time we had during her nap, but she was not good at playing independently or not wanting to take over Anya’s workbooks at that point on the occasion she was awake during any part of our lessons. She has grown enough in those few months’ time for it not to be an issue anymore, thank goodness. It will be even easier when we finish getting our homeschool playroom organized once the upstairs air conditioning is fixed. (They have come out to the house no less than three times for it only to work for a day and go out again. That’s another whole story and frustration while I work from piles in the living room for myself and Anya’s homeschooling. Fun times.)

So now we are down to one napper in the house, and I’m finally working on getting him in his crib for those naps as napping out in the living room with Marie awake is virtually impossible for the little guy. Her nap was the only time Ben was getting a decent nap. He seems to be making the crib transition pretty well for the most part and is still taking several naps a day. Maybe now we can get him into a better routine with it without having to worry about him crying and waking Marie and whatnot. And maybe that will produce better night sleep so he stops waking up anywhere from the once to three or four times he often does in the night. A girl can dream, right? (Right now uninterrupted sleep sounds like winning the lottery. Chances are one in a million. Related: I’m tired.) Now if I can just find the motivation to potty train her we’d be getting somewhere. We won’t talk about taking away the pacifier, though. My brain can’t process the potential ramifications for that one.

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