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So. I haven’t blogged in a ridiculously long time. Like years. Facebook and social media have made it easier and simpler to post little snippets and photos from our lives on the go and made blogging unnecessary as far as updating family members on our daily adventures or keeping track of things that happen. But. I miss the therapeutic nature of writing. Getting it all out there. The ability to articulate my thoughts in the way that makes the most sense to me and be able to work through things I otherwise cannot get a handle on. To share things I discover or newly understand along the way on this journey of life and motherhood.

So here I am. Today I spruced up the blog a bit. Made old archives private for the time being until I can get around to republishing what I deem acceptable for public consumption. (I’ve been blogging since I was a preteen so there is some scary stuff in there.) I hope to fill these pages with information about our homeschool process, updates on living with the idiosyncrasies of our family, and so on. I hope some of it may be helpful to others going through similar things, but at the very least it’s helpful for me. : )

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