Introducing Baby #2

Baby #2 at 10 weeks 1 day. Measuring a couple days ahead and strong heartbeat.  Everything looks good. : )

We had an appointment for our first ultrasound today, and it turned out to be a roller coaster ride with a scare that had us both freaking out for about half an hour. Want to hear the story? Here goes. When the doctor at the clinic on base busted out the ultrasound machine, she spent at least 10 minutes moving it around and searching with a puzzled, concerned look on her face. Not what you want to experience at your first ultrasound. I expected to see the baby right away and hear her explaining where it was and how big it was, etc. By the end of the longest 10 minutes ever she decided to use the internal ultrasound. Several minutes of that gave the same results. At this point Ryan and I were both glancing at each other nervously, and Anya was getting fidgety waiting for the pictures of the baby to show up already.

Finally the doctor says that she can’t find the baby and that she thinks it might be on the outside of the uterus. Freak out time. We remained pretty stoic as she had the nurse call the OB/GYN off base for an urgent second ultrasound with their better machine. We had some friends swing by to pick up Anya because at this point all of my hope was fading fast and if this thing got bad, really bad, I did not want Anya caught up in the chaos of all of that. A driver from the clinic took us over to the small hospital out in town and got us in to see Dr. Shoji, the one doctor off base who sees pregnant Americans. The whole drive over I was imagining worst case scenarios of surgery to clean out whatever was wrong and having to try again in a few months. Ryan was imagining way worse worst case scenarios of me bleeding out and dying or something crazy after he heard the clinic doctor say the baby might be outside the uterus. He cracked me up later when he said, “I don’t know a lot about pregnancy, but I knew that was BAD.”

Once we were at Dr. Shoji’s, we were seen right away. Miracle of miracles he found the baby immediately upon placing the ultrasound attachment on my abdomen. I could see the shape of the baby, and my hope skyrocketed. And then…he turned on the sound of the glorious heartbeat at which point I looked over at Ryan and saw him crying which I’m sure quite surprised the Japanese nurse. I could see my relief mirrored in his face. Dr. Shoji printed out a few pictures (see above) and sent us on our way with assurance that everything was measuring right along schedule for 10 weeks and perfectly healthy with a due date of March 2nd. We were soaring by the time we left. Our half hour appointment turned 2 hour nightmare was finally over, and everything was totally fine. Turns out we just had an inept doctor at the clinic who was looking too low with the ultrasound to find anything. (This is actually not the first time I’ve heard of this particular doctor making a similar mistake with first ultrasounds so yikes. Somebody needs to find a different career path, me thinks.) So, yeah, we are now thrilled to know everything is fine, and that we can expect our second bundle of joy in March. We are truly blessed.

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  1. Reason #435 why I might not want to have kids…..

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